Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Are you tired of receiving or avoiding collection calls from your creditors? Are you being sued by creditors? Are creditors attacking your bank account, placing a wage garnishment on your paycheck, or trying to levy and take your property? Then you should probably think about filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy usually lasts five or six months. From the moment you file for bankruptcy, you’re protected by the bankruptcy court. This means you cannot be sued, your property cannot be taken, your pay cannot be taken, your vehicle cannot be repossessed, and your home cannot be foreclosed upon.

The protection you receive initially is called ‘automatic stay’ which is an injunction or restraining order against your creditors. After the bankruptcy process terminates, you’ll be issued a discharge order which eliminates your debts permanently. A chapter 7 bankruptcy will not eliminate secured debts, which means if you want to keep your car you have to pay for your car; if you want to keep your home, you have to pay for your home.

Back income taxes older than three years, can be eliminated. Your credit card debts, personal loans, repossession bills, and medical bills are eliminated. You can start over and receive a fresh start.

Immediately after filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy your credit score usually increases instead of decreasing; continuing to rebuild your credit and increasing your credit score after the end of bankruptcy,

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