Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Eric Lester Leinbach, Esquire is the premier source for filing chapter 13 bankruptcy in Phillipsburg, Washington, Belvidere, Clinton, and western New Jersey. Filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy case requires special knowledge and expertise that only an experienced chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can deliver. After determining the best option for your financial situation, allow our team of experts to guide you through the chapter 13 process with ease.

If you feel out of control with your debt and need the help of a chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer, we are here to help. Often referred to as a wage earner or reorganization plan, chapter 13 is ideal for people who want to save their home from foreclosure, lower a car payment, consolidate debts, eliminate a second and/or third mortgage, or save other valuable assets. While chapter 7 cases are often completed within a few months, chapter 13 is designed for people who need a long-term plan that will allow them to pay back debts over a time period of 3-5 years.

Once you retain our law firm, creditors are prohibited from communicating with you any further and all communications must go through our law office. From there, it is simply a matter of time before, your case is filed and a federal restraining order is instituted that will prohibit foreclosure, evictions, repossessions, your utilities from being disconnected, and end the threat of wage garnishments, and then your chapter 13 case gets approved.

Other debt relief plans make promises, but only bankruptcy help from an experienced attorney can deliver you the financial freedom you seek. Get in touch today for a no-cost consultation to find the best solution for you!