Bankruptcy Help

Eric Lester Leinbach, Esquire is the leading provider of bankruptcy help in Phillipsburg, Washington, Clinton, Belvidere, and all of western New Jersey. We pride ourselves on exclusively protecting consumer rights through bankruptcy. By combining superior legal representation and uncompromising client care, our attorney ranks as the top bankruptcy expert in the region.

If your debts are overwhelming, and the course of action is unclear, our legal team will examine your options and help you find the best solution for your unique situation. During these uncertain economic times many have incurred major medical expenses, suffered a job loss, divorce, or experienced a business failure. If this is the case for you, bankruptcy relief may be your best option.

If you are contemplating bankruptcy, it is important to be proactive. Do not wait until the last minute. Once creditors have taken certain actions, even an emergency filing will not be able to erase the damage. We believe it is important to get out in front of the situation before it becomes a crisis. During a free consultation, our lawyer will present you with all the necessary information to help you decide which option will result in the greatest success for you.

Our firm has the bankruptcy experience to help you decide whether to reorganize your finances or discharge your debts. We strive to provide each client with innovative, cost-effective solutions to meet your individual needs. When you hire our team of professional bankruptcy experts, we will work tirelessly to navigate you through the bankruptcy process and help get you back on your feet.

Talking to our attorney will cost you nothing. We understand that taking this first step can be the most difficult one to overcome. Our legal team is not here to pass any judgement, but rather to find a solution to the financial issues you face. Each person’s situation is unique, and you may find that just talking to a bankruptcy expert can help provide you with some relief.

Stop creditor harassment once and for all. Schedule a free consultation today so we can begin your journey toward financial recovery!