Why Choose Our Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Eric Lester Leinbach, Esquire has garnered a reputation as the top law firm for bankruptcy and foreclosure law in Eastern Pennsylvania and all of New Jersey. We believe that, we have the most talented team of bankruptcy professionals on our staff, and you will quickly discover that we are equipped to handle any financial problem no matter the origin.

What We Do

Whether your problems originate with overwhelming credit card debt, foreclosure, failed loan modification, lien disputes, real estate or income tax problems or car loan problems, rest assured that our experienced team has seen your problem before and we will quickly and efficiently guide you on a path toward financial freedom, all at affordable pricing. Your bankruptcy is not like a can of soup, it is not Campbell’s, Progresso or the store brand. Rather it is a customized plan to obtain a financial fresh start for your individual situation.

Our law firm is engaged principally in practice of bankruptcy and foreclosure law, it is what we do. We have brought thousands of bankruptcy cases to a successful conclusion, and over 30 + years our bankruptcy lawyers have built a reputation in the region as true bankruptcy experts. At this firm, we pledge to listen to your needs, and custom tailor a path toward getting rid of your debt in a way that completely eliminates the stress, anguish, and overwhelming feelings associated with tough financial problems.